Oncology Ventures Backs In-Home Cancer Care Startup Reimagine Care

The at-home cancer care enabler Reimagine Care will have more wiggle room financially to kick off 2024.

The company announced a strategic investment from Oncology Ventures — a cancer-focused venture capital fund — that will move forward the development and expansion of Reimagine Care’s product development and commercial acceleration, the company announced.

“The investment will enable Reimagine Care to focus on advancing virtual-first cancer care through innovative technologies that are driving meaningful change,” Reimagine Care CEO Dan Nardi told Home Health Care News in an email. “Furthermore, this partnership opens doors to other organizations that are a part of the Oncology Ventures community.”


Nardi told HHCN that the company is not disclosing the investment amount at this time.

Reimagine Care is a Nashville-based in-home cancer care enabler that provides technology-enabled services to health systems and oncologists to deliver home-centered, value-based cancer care.

Nardi was named Reimagine’s CEO in July and has hit the ground running.


“Our care platform is a first-of-its kind solution that leverages clinical oncology experts, smart technologies and robust data and analytics to extend the impact of the physician practice beyond the four walls of the clinic,” Nardi said. “This investment will enable our most vulnerable populations to remain home for symptom management while simultaneously alleviating a massive burden on cancer care teams.”

Reimagine’s care model uses technologies like text messaging, remote monitoring and electronic patient reported outcomes to proactively manage patients with cancer in the home.

The up-to-date monitoring allows the company’s clinicians to identify and assess symptoms in real time.

“Reimagine Care aligns perfectly with Oncology Ventures’ thesis on better utilizing data and technology to improve patient outcomes and experience — while reducing costs for key industry stakeholders,” Oncology Ventures Founder and Managing Partner Ben Freeberg said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Dan and the Reimagine Care team as they continue to work with leading institutions like City of Hope and the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, helping to provide true value-based care.”

Aside from Reimagine Care, Oncology Ventures has made a handful of investments in companies such as VivorCare, a survivorship care platform; Gabbi, a platform for early breast cancer detection; and Health Universe, an AI and machine learning community for health care developers.

“Ben and his team are well connected and have an impressive track record,” Nardi said.

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