Avenues Home Care Launches, Set To Serve More Than 100 Communities

There’s a new home care company on the block.

On Tuesday, Avenues Home Care announced its launch. The company is the result of several local home care companies in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia coming together under one banner.

The local companies include AA Care Services, Sentinel Homecare, SunLife and Comprehensive Care.


“We really also saw an opportunity for some of these local entities that maybe didn’t have the size, the strength, the support, the capital structure, the technology or whatever it might be, to be able to work in collaboration with others and do what they do well in their local areas and from that local community’s perspective,” Avenues Home Care CEO Doug Markham told Home Health Care News.

The combined companies will operate under the Avenues Home Care brand over time.

“Joining the Avenues Home Care family is the next step in my journey to create better home care programs for families, their loved ones, and our caregivers,” Helen Trowsdale, founder of AA Care Services and the chief quality officer for Avenues Home Care, said in a press statement. “My team and I look forward to continuing to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”


Avenues Home Care’s services lines will include essential tasks of daily living, medication assistance, meal preparation, companionship, transportation, light housekeeping and more.

Avenues Home Care is a mostly private-pay organization, but the company also has a VA contract.

Collectively, Avenues Home Care will serve over 100 communities across three states.

Markham pointed out that oftentimes clients find themselves having to choose between small agencies with few resources or out-of-state franchise holders. Avenues Home Care hopes to combine the personal touch of a local agency with the support of a multi-state company.

“I’m a huge believer that health care is locally purchased,” he said. “I just think that’s the best way to deliver it.”

In terms of future growth, the company is focused on markets like Texas, Oklahoma and North Carolina. The strategy behind this is prioritizing markets that are connected to Avenues Home Care’s existing platform.

Still, Markham pointed out that growth will come as the company solidifies itself as an organization that delivers quality care.

“Growth is to come with competency, care and integrity,” he said. “Growth goals are more about how we can serve people, and how we can serve families, as opposed to dots on a map, as opposed to just having agency locations for agency locations.”

Ultimately, Avenues Home Care also wants to be considered “anywhere care.”

“I’m often amazed when people that I speak to are surprised that we go into a hospital, we go into assisted living, we go into a memory care unit — they always think of it as just home,” Markham said. “Anywhere care is needed is where we want to be, as long as we can do it properly, efficiently and effectively for that client.”

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