Arosa’s New COO Believes Mastering Operational Efficiency Will Set The Company Up For Growth Wins

Melissa Blankenship has joined Arosa as its chief operating officer. In her new role, Blankenship will be focused on the company’s operations, as well as driving efficiency and growth.

Arosa is one of the largest non-franchised home care companies in the country, with 36 locations in 11 states.

Prior to joining Arosa, Blankenship was president at American Medical Staffing. During her time in this role, the company went from operating in a single state to serving in facilities all across the country.


When looking back at her career, overall, Blankenship believes that her focus has been on leading, scalable operational efficiencies, and working to foster environments where team members can thrive, she told Home Health Care News.

“Those operational efficiencies and ensuring that we have repeatable processes all across the enterprise, that was incredibly important, and fostering that culture where individuals could perform at their highest level,” she said. “Where we really honed in on this was the retention and engagement of our clinicians. At American Medical Staffing, we had industry-leading retention scores and net promoter scores for our clinicians.”

The employee retention success she achieved at her previous company is something that Blankenship is hoping to recreate at Arosa.


“[Home care is] hitting all-time highs in terms of caregiver turnover, so really being able to take those experiences and focus heavily on engagement, acquisition and retention of caregivers — I think is going to be huge for us,” she said.

For Arosa, this will mean working to become the “employer of choice” for potential job seekers across the U.S.

Leveraging technological advancements to drive operational efficiency is another area that Blankenship is passionate about. She’s excited about the prospect of further incorporating tech and AI solutions at Arosa, she told HHCN.

“It’s about automating, as much as I can automate, so that I can allow our organization to focus on the people side of our business,” Blankenship said.

In the short-term, Blankenship has set her sights on improving operational efficiencies. She believes that mastering this will position Arosa for growth.

“We think about being able to attract, train, retain and treasure the best care professionals, and the way for us to do that is to really focus on improving that standardization and scalable efficiencies across the organization,” she said. “Bringing in repeatable processes around caregiver recruitment, caregiver scheduling, or caregiver retention just puts us in the best position to be able to serve more individuals in the community, and really facilitate that growth.”

As far as long-term goals, Arosa wants to create superior models of care.

“From that perspective, I think we’ve really got to challenge ourselves on business model innovation,” Blankenship said. “What are the different service lines that we incorporate to make sure that we have the right service model for our clients for each lifecycle? Whatever they happen to need at any particular time — we can be the one home care provider that is able to service all of those needs.”

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