Total Care Connections Leverages Diversified Revenue Mix, Staffing Investments to Grow in the Southwest

Emerging out of the last recession in 2009, Daniel Stringer decided it was time to change careers. Formerly in finance, Stringer’s line of work had taken a huge hit. He was eager to find a place where his business would be recession-resilient — if not recession-proof. That’s when Stringer entered into the home care space, […]

‘Every Hospital Is Prioritizing It’: Mount Sinai, Others Continue to Move Care into the Home

Home-based hospital care has been a hot topic ever since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled its “Acute Hospital Care at Home” initiative in November. Seemingly every time the concept is mentioned, Mount Sinai Health System’s name comes up. The New York-city based health system launched Mount Sinai at Home in 2014 […]

Labor Policies Threaten Home Care Providers: ‘Agencies Are Truly Getting the Worst of Both Ends’

Home-based care providers are dealing with an ongoing pandemic and simultaneously tackling vaccine education, procurement and distribution. Now, a slew of legislative labor provisions are threatening to disrupt both home health and home care agencies across the country. After President Joe Biden was inaugurated, his administration released a fact sheet that said “workers have a […]

An Unexpected Savior: How PDGM Prep Helped Home Health Agencies Ease COVID-19’s Impact

Home health agencies spent 2019 prepping for the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) — and it may have saved some of them from more dire outcomes tied to COVID-19. As providers transformed to become more efficient and technologically driven, they inadvertently readied themselves for a public health emergency that no one saw coming. “One of the […]

Biden Administration Inks $230M Deal for At-Home COVID-19 Tests

The U.S. government has reached a $230 million deal to produce rapid at-home COVID-19 tests that can be purchased for $15 to $30 over the counter, the Biden administration announced Monday. The deal is with Ellume USA LLC, an Australia-based diagnostics company. For home-based care providers, testing is still paramount as the vaccine rollout continues. […]

Use of Self-Directed Home Care Services Jumped 20% in 2020

Self-directed home care services are on the rise. Last year, many states created even more Medicaid flexibilities to allow seniors to essentially hire their own family members as their caregivers, which was especially helpful amid stay-at-home orders and fears surrounding COVID-19. On their end, states see this strategy as a win-win. Patients can be cared […]

Study: Caregiver Confidence Plays a Major Role in Heart Failure Patient Outcomes

One of the largest health conditions affecting Americans is heart failure. About 6.2 million Americans experience it every year, with home care workers often called upon to help. Just as is with many other conditions, however, home care workers are often ill-prepared to deal with these patients and lack specific training. That’s problematic because “preparedness, […]

Heightened Home Health Awareness Means Higher Volumes, More Opportunities for Agencies in 2021

Home health agencies took hits to both their censuses and psyches when the public health emergency (PHE) was declared last March. Since then, some industry insiders have argued that the space has gone through a five- to 10-year transformation. Subsequently, the second year of COVID-19 is set to look different than the first, for a […]