Texas Agency Not Conducting Background Checks on Caregivers

Trust between seniors and caregivers is essential for beneficial home health care, and laws require home health providers to monitor and vet their aides. However, reports have emerged that the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), the government agency responsible for tracking caregiver background checks, has been deliberately falsifying and backdating documentation, KXAN, an Austin-based news […]

Caregiver Counseling Could Save Millions in Dementia Costs

Keeping dementia patients at home for as long as possible can go a long way in improving states’ Medicaid budgets. When caregivers take part in a counseling and a support program, patients are more likely to remain at home longer and save tens of millions of Medicaid dollars, a new study published in The Gerontologist found. […]

‘Uber’ Of At-Home Senior Salon Services Goes Beyond Beauty

Uber and Lyft are not the only on-demand companies tapping into the sharing economy to bring services to seniors aging in pace at home—one salon startup is following the model to address both cosmetic and, sometimes, even medical needs. Year-and-a-half-old company Belle Cares provides affordable, easy-to-book beauty services to seniors at home, in assisted living communities, […]

Why Men Won’t Solve the Home Health Aide Shortage

A great opportunity exists to fill the deficit of home health care aides with the millions of American men out of work. The problem? Potential male hires, along with women and clients, are uncomfortable with men filling these traditionally feminine roles, according to a report from the New York Times. Though as many as 20 million men had […]