Is Video Care the Next Trend in Home Health Services?

A California company announced Thursday that it is expanding its home care services with a new technological innovation that might be the start of a larger trend in home health services.  VideoCare is Homecare California’s touch-screen system that offers two-way video connection between care recipients and their families, progressional caregivers and friends. It is the […]

Fiscal Cliff Deal to Enhance Long Term Care Services

After months of back and forth debate between House Republicans and the Democratic Senate, a fiscal cliff deal has finally been settled to solve the nation’s budget crisis through the American Tax Relief Act of 2012 signed into law Wednesday by President Obama.  The newly signed bill averted the fiscal cliff and left home health […]

Health Care Law Changes to see Increased Benefits for Boomers

Baby boomers look to reap greater benefits than from the Affordable Care Act than before, as the federal government initiates changes to the health care law in coming years, reports USA Today. As unemployment and rising health care costs have shrunk many retirement funds among many aging Americans, the recession looks to have impacted boomers […]

Wages Drop for Personal Care Aides in 16 States, Reach Poverty Level

Declining wages for personal care aides (PCAs) have dipped below the poverty level in two-thirds of states, motioning for serious changes to be made to the fastest growing occupation in the county, according to an annual analysis from the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI). In 2011, the national average hourly wage for PCAs was $9.49, what […]

Palliative Care Keeps Patients out of the E.R.: Study

Seniors in long-term care have seen less visits to the emergency room as well as a reduction in depression when receiving palliative care, notes a study from the Institute for Aging Research and Hebrew SeniorLife’s Hebrew Rehabilitation Center (HRC). The incorporation of palliative services into long-term care settings, as demonstrated by the study’s results, could […]

WSJ: Medicare Opens Up to More Home Care

Medicare recipients with chronic conditions will now receive care under the program regardless whether or not their situations are likely to improve, according to an article from the Wall Street Journal. A legal settlement between the federal government and consumer advocate groups have paved the way for these Medicare patients to receive care both at […]

Study Reveals $600 billion in “Hidden” Health Care Costs

Health care spending in the United States exceeded the total reported in the National Health Expenditure Accounts (NHEA) in 2010 by $3.2 trillion, according to a report from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.  A value that is 23.9% higher than what was reported by NHEA, the additional increase bears Deloitte’s report’s title, “The Hidden […]

Patient-Centered Homes to Help Reign in Health Care Costs

Patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) while striving to improve patient outcomes, simultaneously seek to reduce health care costs, according to the New York Law Journal (NYLJ).  Usually led by a physician, patients in a PCMH model have an ongoing relationship with their doctor and a team that is collectively responsible for patient care. A PCMH is […]

Co-payments Give Beneficiaries “Skin in the Game,” Drive Medicare Costs

Though allowing Medicare beneficiaries to pay part of the costs of their home healthcare would give them “skin in the game” and alleviate program costs, co-payments could ultimately end up doing just the opposite, according to analysis by the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare with Avalere Health.  Having “skin in the game” is defined in […]

NY Times: Boomer Demographic Holds Key to Fiscal Talks

The demographic of the old, particularly the baby boomer generation, will play a key role in upcoming policy changes, notes an article from the New York Times.  For decades, boomers’ retirement has been recognized as having monumental impacts on the economy. Contributing to the large-scale changes in the American population, aging boomers will carry more […]