Hospital-at-Home Holdouts: Why In-Home Acute Care Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

After making gradual inroads over the past few years, the hospital-at-home model has seemingly had its breakthrough moment. That came in November, when the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced its “Acute Hospital Care At Home” wavier program. The creation of CMS’s wavier — a COVID-19 relief measure — has created a […]

Focus on In-Home Care Helps Signify Health Hit $610.6M in 2020 Revenue

Signify Health (NYSE: SGFY) — a value-based platform that leverages analytics and technology to divert care into the home — recently went public, impressing in its stock market debut by posting a market capitalization of $7.12 billion. With a few months underneath its belt as a publicly traded company, Dallas-based Signify, a New Mountain Capital […]

VillageMD CEO: Life-Changing Primary Care Needs a Home-Centric Approach

VillageMD has effectively taken a home-based approach to primary care since its inception. That, plus its risk-based model, has made its services especially relevant over the last year. Founded in 2013, the Chicago-based VillageMD, through its subsidiary Village Medical, provides value-based primary care services. It has grown from a primary care practice of 13 physicians […]

‘We’re Rebuilding the Whole Delivery System’: Why Amazon Is Betting Big on Home-Based Care

Earlier this month, tech giant Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) unveiled major plans to expand its budding home-based care offering, “Amazon Care,” across the U.S. Since then, home-based care stakeholders have been trying to make sense of the news and figure out what it means for them — and the in-home care patients they serve. Their early […]

Contessa Exploring New Service Lines, Solidifying Position at the Center of Hospital-at-Home Shift

After once occupying a niche space in the health care sector, the hospital-at-home model has gained significant traction. In November, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) even announced its “Acute Hospital Care At Home” wavier program. Under the initiative, eligible hospitals can receive newfound flexibilities around providing hospital-level care for patients in […]

Amazon Reveals National Expansion Plans for In-Home Care Platform ‘Amazon Care’

For years, health care experts have watched Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) steadily wade deeper and deeper into home-based care waters. It appears the Seattle-based technology powerhouse is finally diving in — and making a big splash. On Wednesday, Amazon announced it is expanding Amazon Care — its on-demand health care service — across the U.S. Plans […]

SNF-at-Home Concept Earning ‘Very Positive Feedback’ in Congress, Among Special Interest Groups

An innovative care concept designed to keep patients at home and out of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) is reportedly gaining ground in Congress and among special interest groups. The concept — known as “Choose Home” — is a type of SNF-at-home model that leverages both medical and non-medical home care services for certain patients. LHC […]

Why Luna Wants to Be the ‘DoorDash for Physical Therapy’

Luna — an on-demand physical therapy company — recently secured partnerships with two separate health systems. Under the agreements, patients at Emory Healthcare and Scripps Health will have access to Luna’s physical therapist network. Founded in 2018, Rocklin, California-based Luna provides outpatient physical therapy in the home setting. Through the company’s platform, patients are matched […]

After Building In-Home Primary Care Powerhouse, Heal CEO Steps Down

Less than a decade ago, Heal co-founder Nick Desai would regularly drive around Los Angeles with his wife and business partner, Dr. Renee Dua, carrying out their very first house calls. Since then, Desai has helped grow Heal into an in-home primary care powerhouse that has raised roughly $164.1 million since launching, including $100 million […]