Senior Care Innovator Bill Thomas: COVID-19 Rewriting Health Care Rules, Pushing Home Care into the Spotlight

If the COVID-19 emergency has made anything clearer, it’s the need for investment in care that takes place in home- and community-based settings. While it took a global emergency to open people’s eyes to that reality, Dr. Bill Thomas has been preaching its importance for decades. Thomas is a thought leader in elder care who […]

Coronavirus Worsening Workforce Challenges for Many In-Home Caregivers

Home care workers are on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. But for many of these caregivers, the outbreak has only exacerbated the ongoing workforce challenges associated with the in-home care space. “The coronavirus crisis has exposed the holes in the safety net and the deep inequities that direct-care workers face,” Robert Espinoza, vice president […]

Senior Helpers CEO: Home Care Providers Can’t Stop Caring in Times of Crisis

Under normal circumstances, in-home care providers and their professional caregivers are often tasked with being first to notice any changes in a person’s health. For Senior Helpers, this duty carries even more weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. In some ways, the coronavirus outbreak has turned the home care franchise company and its locations into first-responders, […]

‘Go Big or Go Home’: Lifesprk Scores $16M to Grow Company, Launch Electronic Life Record

Lifesprk — a home-based care company known for its innovative whole-person focus — has scored a new $16.1 million investment, the first the company has accepted since its 2004 founding.  The investment — which was led by Burlingame, California-based private equity firm Virgo Investment Group — came in the form of Series A preferred stock. […]

Loopholes in COVID-19 Unemployment Program Threaten to Deplete Home Care Workforce

In the past two weeks, nearly 10 million people have filed for unemployment, pushing the jobless rate “certainly higher than at any point since the Great Depression,” according to the New York Times. These unprecedented times have prompted unprecedented benefits: Thanks to new pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic […]

Home-Focused Area Agencies on Aging Proven to Reduce Medicare Spending

Through partnerships with local hospitals, Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) can lower annual Medicare spending by roughly $136 per beneficiary, a new study unveiled Monday in the journal Health Affairs has found. AAA organizations offer local services that allow adults to age in place, including in-home care and support. Some of these organizations are affiliated […]