With Amedisys Deal Pending, Justice Department Opens Antitrust Investigation Into UnitedHealth Group

The Department of Justice is targeting UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) in an antitrust investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.  Specifically, the Justice Department is interviewing subjects around interactions between UnitedHealth Group and its health care provider services arm, Optum. UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest insurers in the country. Meanwhile, Optum is one of […]

DOL Recovers Over $1 Million In Wages From Home Health Agencies Over ‘Numerous’ Violations

Amid much chatter regarding the classification of workers in home-based care, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has clawed more than $1 million in wages from two agencies. Specifically, the DOL recovered more than $1 million in minimum and overtime wages owed to 859 home health workers employed by two Texas-based providers: Alegre Home Health […]

Immigration Reform Could Lead To Unintended, Poor Consequences For Home-Based Care Providers

When talks of immigration reform come out of Washington D.C., home-based care providers take note. While Democrats push for increased funding for Ukraine and potentially Israel, Republicans have seemed to take the strategy of going after immigration concerns as a negotiating piece. That’s particularly important to providers who often rely on immigrants to hold caregiver […]

‘A Monumental Shift’: Home Health Providers Believe Review Choice Demonstration Is Here To Stay

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has been tight-lipped about its Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) plans beyond May 2024. However, industry leaders believe RCD will be extended across the country on a more permanent basis — a development that agency leaders should recognize as a momentum shifting change. “We’re seeing a monumental shift […]

Another ‘Doomy, Gloomy’ Home Health Landscape Awaits Providers In 2024

Home health providers could be facing a “doomy, gloomy” landscape in 2024, fresh off of two years that could be characterized as, well, doomy and gloomy. On Monday at the Home Care 100 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare CEO Joanne Cunningham tried to emphasize the positives, while also recognizing the realities. […]

Top Home Care Trends For 2024

The rising costs of home care were a trend in 2022 and 2023. They will remain one in 2024, and could finally come to a head. That’s only one trend, of many, that will impact home care providers in the new year. But it alone will also lead to other trends, such as increased M&A, […]

‘No Two States Are Alike’: The Home Care Industry’s Road To Standardization

For years, many industry advocates have pushed for more standardization across home care. Home care licensure is largely seen as one of the main avenues to industry standardization. Though the majority of states in the country require home care businesses to have some form of licensure, the stipulations are different depending on the state. “It […]