Home Health Providers Are Beginning To Tie Clinician Compensation To Value-Based Care Success

Home health providers are adjusting their operations to better set themselves up for value-based care. One thing they need to be sure of, though, is that those adjustments are making their way down to the front line. “From an agency standpoint, providers are thinking as their reimbursement model changes, how are we being judged against […]

How Home Care Providers Merge Art, Science To Form Compensation Strategies

For home care leaders, determining the wages of salespeople, caregivers and other contributors is a major undertaking. It is part art, part science, and hard to perfect. At the Home Care Association of America’s (HCAOA) annual conference last month, providers offered a peak behind the curtain on how those determinations take place. Hillendale Home Care […]

It Starts At The Top: C-Suite Leaders Need To Address Home-Based Care Staffing Woes

For home-based care provider leaders, the biggest long-term issues are sometimes pushed off to deal with short-term issues. Recruitment and retention efforts, for instance, consistently fall down the priority totem pole. “For years, we’ve heard organizations saying workforce is our biggest challenge,” Eric Scharber, managing principal at SimiTree, said during a webinar Thursday. “Yet the […]

Why Employee Tenure Can Make Or Break A Home-Based Care Deal

During an acquisition process, there are obvious boxes that need to be checked on the buyer and seller sides. On the buyer side, that due diligence includes checks around financials, compliance and a whole lot of other numbers. But one factor that can fly under the radar is employee tenure. “Tenure is a very important […]