Upside Adds Onto Home-Based Care Services With The Launch Of Upside+

Upside — formerly known as UpsideHōM — once made waves for disrupting the aging-in-place sector. Now that the startup has cemented its spot in the aging services space, the company is focused on supplementing its offerings with the launch of Upside+. Upside’s business model involves partnering with existing apartment complexes and leasing individual units — […]

After Layoffs, Papa CEO Lays Out Vision For Company’s Future

The in-home companionship company Papa went from a scrappy startup to a nationally recognized brand partnering with some of the largest payers in the country in a very short period of time. But no startup’s journey is completely smooth, as just about any entrepreneur will tell you. And in July, the company was forced to […]

Senior Companionship Startup Naborforce Secures $9M In Series A

Amid a slowdown in funding for startups, the senior tech company Naborforce has secured $9 million in a Series A. The company “connects older adults to a network of trusted ‘Nabors’ for on-demand support and social engagement.” Its financing round was led by Translink Capital. Existing investors Claritas Capital, The Artemis Fund and TechStars also […]

Startup Unicorn Biofourmis Secures An Extra $20M From Intel Capital

Just four months after raising $300 million – and reaching unicorn status in the process – Biofourmis has secured another $20 million in funding. In total, the company has amassed a $320 million Series D. Intel Capital, the strategic investment arm of chipmaker Intel Corporation, joined the round. In addition to Intel Capital’s involvement, this […]

Homeward Raises $50 Million, Forms First At-Risk Partnership

Startups in home-based care have exited a “growth at all costs” phase and entered into a new one filled with financial strain and layoffs. But Homeward – a home-based care provider focused on rural America – hasn’t felt that transition. It has always had a more conservative approach to long-term growth, and now, it has […]

MedArrive Partners With Brave Health To Combine At-Home Care, Behavioral Health Services

Two exploding areas of health care are behavioral health and home-based care services. Increasingly, the two are also colliding. The most recent example comes from the at-home care provider and coordinator MedArrive. The startup has partnered with Brave Health, a virtual-first behavioral health provider specifically focused on the Medicaid population. “We were already running a […]

How Partnerships Can Help Home-Focused Digital Health Companies Survive

Home-based care startups in the digital health space are starting to figure out what lane they should be driving in as they adapt to a new investment environment. Despite some troubling figures from investments made in digital health, insiders with Rock Health Advisory say that a shift in strategy, and a willingness to partner with […]

Formerly a SNF-Based Platform, connectRN is Now Honed in on Home Health

The connectRN platform was built to find nurses and other health care professionals work, particularly in skilled nursing facilities (SNF). But over time, workers were asking enough about home health opportunities that the company thought it should get further into home-based care. Serendipitously, Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) came into the picture and partook in connectRN’s […]

CareConnectMD Closes $25M Funding Round While ‘Shifting into the Home Setting’ 

CareConnectMD Inc. — a Costa Mesa, California-based and physician-led medical group — has raised a $25 million financing round led by the Minneapolis-based TT Capital Partners. The funds will go towards expanding CareConnectMD’s footprint in California, Ohio and Texas, as well as other markets. The $25 million has also been earmarked for investment into the […]