No Empty Promises: How Home-Based Care Providers Actually Plan To Use AI

Artificial intelligence is likely to be a society- and business-altering technological development. But, just like the advent of the internet before it, AI’s emergence will undoubtedly lead to as many empty promises from business leaders as it does actual use cases. That’ll particularly be the case in the early innings of AI, which I believe […]

Facing The Future: Home Health Providers Gear Up For 2024’s Value-Based Care, M&A Landscapes

Home-based care providers have faced many headwinds over the past few years. They’ll continue to do so in 2024. But uncertainty has also plagued providers, and there may be less of that this year. Providers know the threat of fee-for-service Medicare cuts. They know Medicare Advantage (MA) penetration is an unstoppable force. They know staffing […]

‘It’s Water Grinding Away The Stone’: Senior Care Providers Face Common Challenges In Continuum Expansions

Home-based care providers are no longer content delivering a standard set of care services. Instead, leaders at in-home care organizations are working strategically to enhance services, creating a more integrated care delivery model – a continuum of care. At Intrepid USA, this means pairing the company’s home health and hospice services more closely together. “Let’s […]

How Home-Based Care Companies Are Becoming More Involved In Pre-Acute Care

Home-based care organizations continue to evolve. As they do, they’re becoming more pre-acute and embracing preventative care. Traditionally, providers step in after an acute event has already occurred. This has slowly begun to shift, as providers realize that if they are already in the home, they can prevent some of these events or outcomes. Signify […]

5 Home Health CEOs Tease Plans, Priorities For 2023

The end of the year tends to light a fire under those looking to bring their organization’s goals to fruition. Thus is the case for some of home health’s top leaders during the last three months of the year. In the remaining months of 2022, leaders across home health care are focusing on addressing the […]

Home-Based Care Providers Still Waiting for Payer Equity

Home-based care has taken on a more prominent role in the broader health care continuum, but there are still challenges bubbling underneath the surface. One of these challenges is a lack of payer equity, John Kunysz, president and CEO of Intrepid USA Healthcare Services, said last month at Home Health Care News’ Capital+Strategy conference. “I […]