Secret Shopping And Competitive Analysis: How Home-Based Care Providers Use Their Peers To Get Ahead

Leaders at top home care companies aren’t operating their businesses in a vacuum. Instead, many are utilizing competitive analyses to stay ahead of the curb. Broadly, a competitive analysis is a benchmarking tool. “​​A lot of health care organizations use competitive analysis for benchmarking to see where they are, or how they are performing versus […]

Untangling The History, Causes Behind The Precipitous Home Health Aide Utilization Drop

In the last home health proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency in charge of reimbursement rates sent out a request for information on home health aide utilization. Specifically, the agency wondered why Medicare-covered home health aide visits and utilization had fallen off a cliff over the last […]

The Bottom Line: Top Billing, Financial Mistakes Responsible For Home Health Agency Struggles

Home health providers often make mistakes that leave money on the table at best, and at worst, lead to financial ruin.  However, providers that learn to avoid these stumbling blocks will be better positioned to achieve longevity and financial stability. In general, the home health consulting firm SimiTree has noticed an increase in the amount […]

‘We Need To Go Where The Patients Are’: How Home Health Agencies Are Adjusting To Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment has been on a steady climb over the last two decades. As such, home health agencies have started to adjust operations to better fit the payer landscape in the future. Agencies in states like Michigan, Hawaii and Alabama have already had to do that — and those transitions haven’t been seamless. […]

How Home Health Providers Are Maintaining Positive Referral Relationships Amid Historically High Rejection Rates

With referral rejection rates skyrocketing to new highs in recent years, home health providers have to be more intentional about maintaining strong relationships with referral sources. In 2022, the industry saw a 76% referral rejection rate, compared to 54% in 2019, according to WellSky data. With this in mind, providers are employing a number of […]

‘We Will Be Paying For This For Years’: 8 Home Health C-Suite Leaders Sound Off On ‘Alarming’ Medicare Cuts

At the end of last month, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published its home health proposed payment rule for 2024. The proposal, almost immediately, drew a negative response from key home health stakeholders. The main headline was CMS’ decision to propose a home health payment decrease of 2.2%. The proposal also […]

Home Health Ownership Transparency May Help Buyers Identify Targets More Easily, But Questions About Accuracy Remain

Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that — for the first time ever — it was releasing ownership data for all Medicare-certified home health and hospice agencies. This move makes it possible for anyone to review information on the ownership of agencies participating in the Medicare program. This includes […]

The Hidden Costs Home Health Providers Face When Taking On More MA Patients

As Medicare Advantage (MA) penetration continues, home health agencies are coming to grips with the additional — and sometimes hidden — costs that are associated with transitioning to a payer mix more dominated by MA. Whether those costs come from operational changes or otherwise, the financial impact of MA’s market penetration can’t be ignored. “To […]