Home-Based Care Wins Included In The $1.66T Omnibus Spending Bill

Home-based care providers are enthused – at least in part – by the passing of the $1.66 trillion omnibus spending bill in December. Specifically, they’re bullish on the added transparency language required from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a two-year extension for Medicare telehealth provisions and further value-based care incentives. “CMS being […]

Despite Benefits, Reimbursement Roadblocks Still Slowing In-Home Telehealth Adoption

Despite the benefits of telehealth services, the general lack of reimbursement under Medicare has created persistent roadblocks when it comes to widespread adoption among U.S. home health providers. Over the past several years, telehealth services have proven their value when it comes to improving access to care for patients and lowering overall health care costs. […]

Telehealth Providers Say New Bill Will Cut Down on Costs

Support for new legislation on telemedicine will cut Medicare and Medicaid costs, the American Telemedicine Association said this week in response to a bill introduced by four members of Congress that would cover some tele health services under Medicare payment bundles for post-acute care.  H.R 3306, The Telehealth Enhancement Act of 2013, introduced October 22 […]