Aging-in-Place Company Amedisys to Acquire AseraCare Hospice for $235 Million

The evolution of Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) continues. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based home health, hospice and personal care provider announced early Monday morning that it has a deal in place to acquire AseraCare Hospice for $235 million. As structured, the agreement includes a $32 million tax asset, effectively lowering the overall purchase price to $203 […]

What ‘Significant’ AseraCare Ruling Means for Home Health Providers

A recent hospice-related court ruling may impact how federal watchdogs and whistleblowers go after home health agencies moving forward. Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued its long-anticipated decision in United States vs. AseraCare, a winding legal battle involving false claims allegations dating back to 2008. Hospice companies, other Medicare-reimbursed […]

Judge Throws Out Biggest-Ever Hospice False Claims Case

A lawsuit that could have resulted in a $200 million False Claims Act (FCA) penalty against a Texas-based hospice provider has been thrown out. Disagreements among doctors over whether patients should be eligible for hospice care do not alone prove fraud, according to the Alabama judge who dismissed the FCA lawsuit against AseraCare Inc. on Thursday. The penalty would have […]

Biggest-Ever Hospice False Claims Case Gets New Trial

U.S. District Court Judge Karon Bowdre ordered a new trial Monday in a False Claims Act case asserting that a hospice provider fraudulently billed Medicare for patients—and the fault for the new trial is her own, the judge stated. The case is seeking to determine whether AseraCare, a subsidiary of Plano, Texas-based Golden Living, admitted Medicare beneficiaries […]

Feds Gain Advantage in Biggest-Ever Hospice False Claims Case

The U.S. government has scored a win in a case that may result in the biggest False Claims Act penalty ever involving a hospice provider. In the first phase of the trial — which was divided into two phases — the jury examined whether individual medical records supported 121 hospice claims and found that 104 […]