New Medicaid Program Prioritizes In-Home Care

A new Medicaid program in Pennsylvania could make it easier for the state’s seniors to get care in their homes instead of a nursing facility. Under the Community HealthChoices initiative, insurers will be paid to manage Medicaid’s long-term care services with a financial incentive meant to prioritize in-home care for enrollees. The state is rolling out the […]

Hispanic Americans Unsure Whether Home Health Aides Can Meet Cultural Needs

Hispanic Americans aren’t very certain that home health aides can meet their cultural needs, according to a new survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, a Chicago-based research and journalism partnership. Just 20% of Hispanics age 40 and older are “extremely or very confident” that home health aides can take their cultural needs into account, […]

Future of Home Care Workforce Caught in State Budget Snafus

Impasses over state budgets in Illinois and California are threatening to stymie those states’ home health care workforces during a crucial period of growth for the industry. The Illinois House earlier this month voted to approve an $817 million spending plan that would temporarily fund cash-starved universities and other programs, according to the Associated Press. […]

‘Medical Home’ Health Care Practices Nearly Double in Ohio

Ohio has more than 500 medical practices delivering a teamwork-based model of health care, according to a recent Associated Press article.  The Ohio Department of Health says there were 513 medical homes in the state as of last month. That’s up from 157 sites in June 2012 and 293 in June 2013. The model, known […]