No Empty Promises: How Home-Based Care Providers Actually Plan To Use AI

Artificial intelligence is likely to be a society- and business-altering technological development. But, just like the advent of the internet before it, AI’s emergence will undoubtedly lead to as many empty promises from business leaders as it does actual use cases. That’ll particularly be the case in the early innings of AI, which I believe […]

For Home Care Providers Still Invested In Medicare Advantage Business, Patience Is Wearing Thin

Around 2019, Medicare Advantage (MA) was all the rave among home care providers. That’s because, in 2018 and 2019, two pathways opened for MA plans to provide more benefits to beneficiaries: the primarily health-related benefit pathway and the Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill (SSBCI) pathway. Included in those were plenty of areas of […]

CenterWell Home Health, BrightStar Care Hope To ‘Inspire’ New Home Health Nurses Through Pipelines

In recent years, home-based care providers have seen the value in being more hands on when it comes to building home health nursing pipelines. In order to pull this off, several providers have partnered with universities to create programs that will, ideally, lead to wider talent pools. CenterWell Home Health — Humana’s (NYSE: HUM) home […]

‘Can’t Shy Away From Challenging Business Climates’: Griswold, BrightStar Care Share Top 2024 Priorities

As the demand for home care grows, so do the industry’s largest providers. In particular, franchises are expanding rapidly across the country, adjusting operations slightly along the way. BrightStar Care and Griswold Home Care are two examples of that growth. Both companies earned spots on Franchise Times’ annual ranking of the largest franchise systems in […]

Some Home-Based Care Providers Are Expanding Service Lines, Others Are Doubling Down On Status Quo

To expand into new service lines or stand pat, that is the question. Some home-based care providers believe expansion is necessary, while others are doubling down on their current offerings. Choice Health at Home is a provider that falls into the former category. The Tyler, Texas-based Choice Health at Home is a home health, hospice, […]

How BrightStar Care, Chamberlain University Are Building The Next Generation Of Home-Based Care Workers

There’s not a single home-based care provider that doesn’t have a staffing issue, whether that be in recruiting, retention or both. In order to combat that reality, BrightStar Care and Chamberlain University are teaming up and launching a home health care didactic course under the latter’s Practice-Ready, Specialty-Focused model. The Chicago-based BrightStar Care providers home-based […]