How Caring Senior Service Moved Away From Being An ‘Order Taker’ In Home Care

In his many years in personal home care, Caring Senior Service CEO Jeff Salter has seen trends come and go. One he has stuck with, however, is a constant commitment to searching for the next advancements in technology. Between recruiting, onboarding and care management plans, Caring Senior Service have prided themselves on leveraging technology to […]

‘No Two States Are Alike’: The Home Care Industry’s Road To Standardization

For years, many industry advocates have pushed for more standardization across home care. Home care licensure is largely seen as one of the main avenues to industry standardization. Though the majority of states in the country require home care businesses to have some form of licensure, the stipulations are different depending on the state. “It […]

‘Too Much, Too Fast’: Home Care Providers Still Face Uphill Battle In Becoming Tech-Enabled

When home-based care provider leaders discuss implementing new technologies in the home, they often talk about how those technologies can improve efficiency and lower costs. However, getting buy-in from clients and patients in the home is a lot easier said than done. Having patients use technologies like wearable devices, remote patient monitoring software and tablets […]

‘Boots On The Ground’: Why Home Care Provider-Home Health Agency Partnerships Work

Personal home care and home health care are both branches connected to the post-acute care family tree. As such, home care leaders believe that there are numerous ways that their organizations can help alleviate home health provider pain points. One major pain point that can be seen across home health care are referral rejection rates. […]

The Case For and Against Home Care Provider-Medicare Advantage Relationships

Shifting health care payer trends have home-based care providers stuck between two battling business decisions: “adapt or die,” or sustainability. Those two decisions may look like one in the same to outsiders, but for home care operators grappling with whether to engage with Medicare Advantage (MA), they sometimes posit providers on different sides of the […]