10% of Community-Based Palliative Care Programs Operated by Home Health Agencies

Despite the growing need for palliative care services, only 10% of programs are operated by home health agencies. That’s according to a recent report from the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), a New York-based nonprofit organization. In order to better understand the current palliative care landscape outside of hospitals and acute settings, CAPC conducted […]

Overcoming Barriers to Growth in Home-Based Palliative Care

Now is a better time than ever for home health agencies, hospice providers and other organizations to invest in and grow their home-based palliative care offerings. Yet certain barriers may still be holding them back. Although need for palliative care is skyrocketing, common barriers to entry include sustainable financing and quality standards. While restrictive, those […]

Palliative Care Has Grown Without Being a Cash Cow for Providers

Interest in palliative care programs has boomed over the last 15 years, but the adoption of this type of care has taken place largely in hospitals, according to a recent report in Health Affairs. But with palliative care now much more common, further growth could accelerate in home- and community-based settings. Palliative care—which focuses on providing […]

Online Directory Provides Location-Based Search for Palliative Care

Seeking palliative care for a family member or loved one with a serious illness can be a difficult responsibility. However, the New York-based Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) is looking to make this process easier by introducing its “expanded” online Palliative Care Provider Directory. Palliative care is a specialized form of medical care for people […]

Editor’s Picks: Top 10 Largest Home Health Providers

Here in Chicago this week, the Cubbies had us down in the dumps when they missed out on their chance to make it to the World Series, but we stayed strong to keep you up to date on the top-10 largest home health providers. Our readers also explored the latest departures in the Centers for […]