The Case For Recording Nurse-Patient Conversations In Home Health Care

Home health providers should be incorporating audio-recorded patient-nurse communication into their patient risk identification models, according to a recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association. The study’s research team — working alongside VNS Health nurses — recorded 126 patient nurse interactions with 47 patients. Overall, home health care serves more than […]

Nurses’ Attitudes Can Determine Infection Control Compliance

Infection is a leading cause of hospitalization among home health care patients, yet relatively little is known about nurses’ compliance with infection control practices. That’s beginning to change, and early findings suggest attitude toward infection control compliance has an enormous impact. Researchers at The University of Manchester, Columbia University and Appalachian State University teamed up […]

NQF: 15 Home Health Quality Measures Should Be Axed

Out of 79 measures in the Home Health Quality Reporting Program, 15 are good candidates to be removed, an influential group of health care leaders is arguing. Home health measures related to depression assessment, increase in pressure ulcers, and stabilization in bed transferring are among those that should be on the chopping block, the National Quality […]