‘Once They’re Gone, They’re Gone’: Family & Nursing Care Rebuilds Workforce After COVID-19 Losses

While in-home care providers have always struggled with caregiver retention, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made growing a workforce nearly impossible. In fact, many operators are just now recovering from the labor disruptions of last spring. Take Family & Nursing Care, for example. The Silver Spring, Maryland-based private-pay home care provider had its total caregiver count […]

‘Focus on the Little Things’: Tips for Attracting Caregivers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Home-based care agencies are increasingly looking to build a workforce environment that will attract caregivers and get them to stay on the job. While new data has suggested the rapidly changing labor market could work in favor of home-based care providers attempting to hire, even the most successful agencies continue to report recruiting and retention […]

Nexus Montgomery Launches SNF-to-Home Pilot to Improve Patient Transitions, Reduce Re-Hospitalizations

The steady march toward value-based care has encouraged providers across the continuum to get creative about patient care, especially when it comes to reducing avoidable hospital readmissions and improving the discharge process. One of the latest examples of an innovative cross-continuum partnership is spearheaded by Nexus Montgomery, a collaboration between six competing Maryland hospitals that […]

Family & Nursing Care CEO Goes After Gradual Growth

Maryland-based Family & Nursing Care is one of the largest private-pay home care companies in the Washington, D.C., area — and its notoriety doesn’t stop there. In fact, CEO Neal Kursban often fields calls from buyers interested in taking the 50-year-old, family-owned business off his hands. Among its selling points: Family & Nursing Care has […]

Disrupt Podcast #15: Hear From Family & Nursing Care CEO Neal Kursban

The 15th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! As the population ages, the caregiver shortage worsens and Medicare Advantage plans continue to add supplemental benefits, the home care industry is becoming increasingly complex. In this episode, you’ll hear how Neal Kursban — CEO of Family & Nursing Care, one of the largest private […]

Home Care Executive Forecast: 2019 Trends, Challenges, Opportunities

From an ongoing labor crunch to evolving Medicare Advantage opportunities, U.S. home care providers face numerous challenges but also exciting opportunities heading into 2019. Many private-duty players anticipate tech investments and increasing integration with the overall health care system, as revealed in these forecasts from CEOs and upper level executives. In 2019, older adults and […]