Contradictory Policymaking Has Led To Costlier Care: The Future of Health Care Is In The Home

The following is an op-ed submitted by: Ken Albert, CEO, Andwell Health Partners; David Causby, CEO, Gentiva; Marcylle Combs, CEO, MAC Legacy; Brent Korte, CEO, Frontpoint Health; John Olajide, CEO, Axxess; Billy Simione, Managing Principal, SimiTree; Jennifer Sheets, the former CEO of Interim HealthCare; Susan Ponder-Stansel, CEO, Alivia Care; David Totaro, Chief Government Affairs Officer, […]

The Identity Dilemma: Navigating Rebranding Decisions In Home Health M&A

After the ink dries following a transaction in the home-based care space, the question of whether to rebrand newly acquired locations sparks an interesting consideration. While some companies swiftly integrate acquired businesses into their brand and splash their logo, marketing materials and likeness on the newly acquired assets, others opt to maintain the selling company’s […]

Home Health Leaders On Leaders: 4 C-Suite Execs That Are Driving The Industry Forward

The most compelling and innovative leaders in home health care don’t just inspire the people who work at their companies, they also catch the attention of fellow industry leaders. These leaders have earned the high esteem of their peers by hurdling operation challenges in the space, creating impressive recruitment initiatives, consistently embracing new ideas and […]

How Medicare Advantage, Labor, AI Will Shape Home-Based Care In 2024

Home Health Care News recently spoke with 15 home-based care leaders for our annual “Executive Forecast” articles, which we published at the end of last year. Those executives’ responses covered a wide range of topics, and were surprisingly and refreshingly diverse. But, in the end, a few themes emerged. In part, these answers helped form […]

2024 Executive Forecast: What 6 Top Home Health Leaders Expect Next Year

Staffing shortages, rate cuts and Medicare Advantage penetration will continue to be trends in the home health market in 2024. Those aren’t new. What is new, however, is how providers plan to combat the issues that stem from those trends. Home health leaders are focused on mitigating margin compression, utilizing more technology, leveraging artificial intelligence, […]

VNS Health, Intrepid USA, Frontpoint Using Data To Identify Pain Points

Tracking various data has become a common strategic tool for home health providers. In the process of examining data closely, providers have seen several stories emerge. Intrepid USA is tracking data in a number of different areas, but namely in labor utilization. While tracking labor utilization – particularly visits per episode and trend lines relative […]

Home Health Providers Are Beginning To Tie Clinician Compensation To Value-Based Care Success

Home health providers are adjusting their operations to better set themselves up for value-based care. One thing they need to be sure of, though, is that those adjustments are making their way down to the front line. “From an agency standpoint, providers are thinking as their reimbursement model changes, how are we being judged against […]

Some Home-Based Care Providers Are Expanding Service Lines, Others Are Doubling Down On Status Quo

To expand into new service lines or stand pat, that is the question. Some home-based care providers believe expansion is necessary, while others are doubling down on their current offerings. Choice Health at Home is a provider that falls into the former category. The Tyler, Texas-based Choice Health at Home is a home health, hospice, […]