The Looming Home Care Disaster In New York State

There’s a potential storm brewing in New York state due to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s executive budget for 2025. The budget proposal includes over $1 billion in cuts to the states’ home care programs. The move is an effort to reduce Medicaid spending. The budget proposal cuts, which was released on Jan. 16, would directly impact […]

‘A Fundamental Disconnect in Policy’: Wage Hike Mandates Leave Home-Based Care Providers Behind

The home care battles currently taking place in New York are local in theory. But every provider in the industry should be paying attention. The Fair Pay For Home Care Act has reached a Democratic majority in the state Senate, with additional support from the AARP and other advocacy organizations. The legislation, which would raise […]

‘We Are Losing Excellent Direct Care Staff’: Home-Based Care Providers Report Vaccine-Mandate Blowback

Hundreds of in-home care workers in Rhode Island have resigned from their posts due to the state’s mandatory vaccine policies, the Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care announced Tuesday. That, in turn, has jeopardized patient care in the state. An emergency declaration was made Aug. 17, requiring all licensed health care workers in Rhode Island […]

Mandatory Vaccine Announcement Causes Confusion Among Home-Based Care Providers

Outgoing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that all of the state’s health care workers are now required to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by Sept. 27. The announcement specifically listed nursing home, “adult care,” long-term care facility and hospital workers as those who must receive vaccinations by that date. While adult care […]

Home-Based Care Providers Fear They’re Being Squeezed Out of Medicaid

New York state’s 2020 final budget includes a Medicaid policy provision that has caused serious concern among home-based care providers and advocates. Those groups are now asking lawmakers to overturn the provision. Broadly, the original Medicaid policy issue was that the state authorized the New York Department of Health to essentially decide which home-based care […]

Low on Resources, Home-Based Care Providers Continue to Navigate COVID-19 Crisis in the Dark

In New York, the epicenter of the U.S. public health emergency, home health and home care agencies continue to face staffing challenges and personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages while caring for hundreds of COVID-19 patients. That’s according to a survey released Monday from the Home Care Association of New York State (HCA-NYS), which included responses […]

Nascentia Health Latest to Feel Effects of New York’s Medicaid Cuts

Nascentia Health, a home-focused health system based in New York, recently notified its staff that it was forced to lay off 71 employees across 48 counties. The nonprofit, which formerly employed nearly 800 employees, was forced to do so because of New York’s Medicaid cuts. The company estimates that it will lose $400 million from […]

Agencies in Limbo as 13-Hour Rule Back in Legal Spotlight

New York’s “13-hour rule”—a term referring to the allowance of home care aides to be paid for just 13 hours of work instead of an entire 24-hour shift—is back in the spotlight after months of legal back-and-forth. Under current regulatory policy, live-in aides working in New York do not receive pay during hours slept or meals […]