No Empty Promises: How Home-Based Care Providers Actually Plan To Use AI

Artificial intelligence is likely to be a society- and business-altering technological development. But, just like the advent of the internet before it, AI’s emergence will undoubtedly lead to as many empty promises from business leaders as it does actual use cases. That’ll particularly be the case in the early innings of AI, which I believe […]

How Medicare Advantage, Labor, AI Will Shape Home-Based Care In 2024

Home Health Care News recently spoke with 15 home-based care leaders for our annual “Executive Forecast” articles, which we published at the end of last year. Those executives’ responses covered a wide range of topics, and were surprisingly and refreshingly diverse. But, in the end, a few themes emerged. In part, these answers helped form […]

Home Care CEOs See ‘Reward And Risk’ With AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence seems to be on the tip of most health care leaders’ tongues heading into 2024 – and the topic is certainly finding its way into home care conversations, too. In fact, many home care leaders are already exploring how to incorporate AI into their organizations, getting the best use out of emerging solutions. […]

Home Helpers CEO Emma Dickison On Importance Of Expedited Home Care Data

Like many home care agencies, Home Helpers saw substantial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the company is focused on sustaining that growth, specifically through honing in on the retention of its caregivers. “That’s been a big focus for us, especially looking at the first 90 days,” Home Helpers President and CEO Emma Dickison told […]

How Home-Based Care Providers Can Win Over Policymakers, Payers

Two groups of stakeholders that home-based care providers need to win over in the near-term future are payer leaders and policymakers. As Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment grows, providers need to prove their agency’s value in order to maintain a sustainable business. Meanwhile, policymakers need to understand the value of home health and home care for […]

How ‘Workforce Sharing’ Could Help Fill Gaps In Home Care

In lieu of competing, home-based care providers may need to work together in order to keep up with the growing demand for services. Companies can do that by finding unique ways to deploy caregivers and leverage certain technologies to increase productivity. “We were challenged before the pandemic and we’ve certainly been challenged through the pandemic,” […]