How Home-Based Care Providers Are Leveraging Palliative Care In Hospital Partnerships

Oftentimes, talks between home health providers and their many referral partners are an exercise in education. For providers offering palliative care, that education usually starts at a 101-level. Part of that conversation with hospital and health system partners includes convincing case managers that patients will be better suited at home. “The longer a patient lays […]

Why Health System-Home Health Joint Venture Activity Could Heat Up

Rising costs, the return of Medicare sequestration, labor shortages and higher patient acuity levels have all contributed to health systems struggling financially over the past 18 months. Since the start of the year, at least half a dozen hospitals have either closed or announced plans to close. To stay afloat, many others have opted to […]

Kaiser Permanente To Acquire Geisinger Health, Form Value-Based Platform ‘Risant Health’

Kaiser Permanente is acquiring Geisinger Health, the companies announced Wednesday. In tandem with the move is the development of a new organization. Together, the two are creating Risant Health, a new nonprofit group that will operate independently. “Through Risant Health, we will make our value-based care expertise, technology and services available to community-based health systems, […]

Where Hospital-At-Home Programs Go Next

The journey of the hospital-at-home model in the U.S. is a compelling one. Much of it has transpired over the last few years, ever since the introduction of the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver, which allowed health systems to provide acute care in the home during the public health emergency (PHE). In May, the […]

Disrupt Podcast #65: Dr. Stephen Parodi, Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Communications, and Brand, The Permanente Federation; Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

The 65th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available! For this episode of Disrupt, Home Health Care News sat down with Dr. Stephen Parodi, an expert in hospital-at-home programs. Listen to this episode of Disrupt to learn about: – The data behind hospital-at-home models, both at Kaiser and elsewhere – How home health and […]