Home Health Care Likely to See Booming Investment Interest in 2019

Home health care is projected to be one of the hottest health care sectors for growth and investment in 2019. That’s according to an investment outlook survey from professional services firm KPMG and health care intelligence business Leavitt Partners. As part of the survey, researchers polled 175 healthcare CFOs, investment bankers and private equity executives […]

Sick Kids Pay the Price for Low Home Health Medicaid Rates

There’s a major lack of home health care for sick children in California, and local lawmakers are blaming too-low state Medicaid reimbursement rates for the problem. In fact, state and industry data, as well as testimony from California skilled nursing facilities, parents and hospitals, indicate that there are major home health care accessibility issues statewide, according […]

Home Health Agencies Give Cold Shoulder to Medi-Cal Patients

Home health agencies in the nation’s most populous state increasingly are avoiding Medicaid patients, highlighting that a push to increase home care across the nation could encounter obstacles. In 2002, 22% of home health agencies in California were not treating patients on Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program. As of 2013, that number had risen to […]