Voters Say No to Universal Home Care Initiative

Maine voters have overwhelmingly shot down a state-level proposal to create a universal home care program. The proposal — Question 1 — would have provided free, home-based care to adults over the age of 65 and individuals with disabilities. To do so, the universal home care program would have taxed high-income households, though critics of […]

Home Care for All Stirs Up Conflict in Maine

A sweeping universal home care initiative, Question One, will be on ballots this November in Maine. However, its opposition is calling it the “Universal Wait List.” Many groups have already chosen sides. Some consumer advocacy groups, such as The Alliance for Retired Americans and Caring Across Generations, have come out in support of Question One. Other organizations in the […]

Universal Home Care A Scam, Opponents Say

A Northeastern state moved one step closer to making universal home care for its residents a reality when it finalized language for a November ballot initiative earlier this week. The Maine Secretary of State’s Office on Monday officially released the wording for a citizens’ initiative referendum that, if passed, would raise taxes on wealthier residents […]

America’s Oldest State Campaigns for Universal Home Care

A local coalition of senior and public advocacy organizations have launched a campaign to provide—and pay for—universal home care in Maine, the state with the oldest median population. Maine People’s Alliance, an organization that aims to bring individuals and organizations together through grassroots initiatives and education, launched the campaign with Caring Across Generations, an aging and […]