Google Capital Makes Care Sector Entry with $46 Million Investment

A behemoth of global business now has tied itself to home care. Google Capital on Wednesday announced it has invested $46.35 million in Waltham, Massachusetts-based, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRCM), the world’s largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care. Google Capital, a growth equity fund backed by technology conglomerate Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL), invests in […]

What the Tech Startup Boom Means for Home Care’s Future

As cutting-edge tech startups continue to make a splash in the home health sector, their success could perhaps pave the way for mega companies like Google to make a play in the space. But industry professionals have differing viewpoints on what such a future might look like. At a time when investment dollars in senior […]

Startup Raises $20 Million to Launch ‘Uber for Home Care’

A startup that could change how home care providers connect and interact with seniors and their families has secured $20 million in funding, including $15 million from influential investor Marc Andreessen, the company announced today. The service, called Honor, is being likened to Uber, the smartphone app that enables people to call for car rides on-demand. […]