‘This Final Rule Is A Double Whammy’: What Home-Based Care Providers Should Know About FTC’s Non-Compete Ban

On April 23, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted 3-2 to finalize a new rule largely prohibiting employers from enforcing non-competes against workers. While the regulatory timeline on the non-compete ban is fairly immediate, the rule will face intense legal pressure from a variety of groups, mainly of which will come from health care. Regardless […]

PurposeCare Bucks Historic Home-Based Care M&A Inactivity Trend In Q1

The home health, home care and hospice industries are barely exhibiting signs of life when it comes to M&A, sans a few active companies. Transactions were again historically low in the first quarter. Overall, only 12 total home-based care deals have been reported from the first quarter, according to data provided by the M&A firm […]

The Most Game-Changing Home-Based Care Blockbusters Of The Last Decade

Thanks to impactful, large-scale transactions over the last decade, the collective face of home-based care has changed forever. Traditional providers in both home health care and personal home care have merged. Payers became involved in the home-based care space like never before. Of late, retailers have too. But it’s often easy to forget how the […]

Buyers Plan To Be More Acquisitive In Home Health, Personal Care In 2024

A significant majority of buyers are planning to be more acquisitive in the home-based care space compared to 2023. However, the success in that endeavor hinges on three key factors: quality deal flow, capital markets and regulatory developments. That’s according to a new survey conducted by M&A advisory firm Mertz Taggart, which interviewed 51 of […]

Predicting Private Equity’s Involvement In Home Health Care In 2024

Health care’s share of global private-equity (PE) deal count peaked at 13.7% in 2020. Three years later, that number fell to 10.8% — its lowest level since 2015. Compared to the bustling activity of 2021, home-based care dealmaking was mostly sluggish in 2023 and has followed that same trend. The slow year was largely due […]

Home-Based Care M&A Surges In Q4, Setting Stage For An Active 2024

Home-based care M&A volume finished strong in 2023, with dealmaking led by over a dozen non-medical home care transactions. The strong finish sets up 2024 to potentially be a more active year for buyers and sellers, assuming an improved macro-level economic outlook. Overall, the fourth quarter saw at least 25 transactions across all home-based care […]

Top Home Health Trends For 2024

In 2023, the decreasing influence of COVID-19 did not mitigate the overall operating pressures home health providers were forced to face. In the new year, there still remains plenty of opportunity, but much to work through to tap into that opportunity. More proposed rate cuts to home health reimbursement are expected from the Centers for […]

Top Home Care Trends For 2024

The rising costs of home care were a trend in 2022 and 2023. They will remain one in 2024, and could finally come to a head. That’s only one trend, of many, that will impact home care providers in the new year. But it alone will also lead to other trends, such as increased M&A, […]

The M&A Balancing Act: The Risks Of Lightning-Fast Home Care Growth And How Operators Can Avoid Overwhelming Their Business

Home care providers looking to grow need to follow meticulous planning and have realistic goals. Failure to follow that guidance could mean serious operational challenges down the road. During the public health emergency, when more attention was being paid to alternative settings for long-term care, the home care industry saw record-breaking volume and valuations. Seeing […]