The Case for Centering Hospital-at-Home Programs Around Home-Based Care Providers

Though it’s by definition the delivery of high-acuity care in the home setting, hospital-at-home programs tend to be operated by, and centered around, hospitals. But there are cost benefits to building these programs around home-based care providers, a Health Affairs article published on Tuesday suggests. The research came about as authors from Milliman Inc. and […]

Medicare Advantage Benefits in 2022 Target Home as a Setting, Diabetes as a Condition

Medicare Advantage (MA) supplemental benefits adoption has been slow by some measures and rapid by others. A new report from the consulting firm Milliman offers a look into that dynamic and shows exactly where each of those benefits stands in 2022. The report was commissioned by the Better Medicare Alliance (BMA). Among the primarily-health related benefits, […]

In-Home Support Services Becoming Top Medicare Advantage Benefit

In-home support services are the most popular — and arguably impactful — supplemental benefit offered by Medicare Advantage (MA) plans under the primarily health-related category. That statement was supported by recently unveiled figures from ATI Advisory. It’s now being emphasized even further, thanks to a new data brief commissioned by the Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) […]

Papa Partners with Milliman’s HealthIO to Create More Touch Points in the Home for Seniors

The senior companionship company Papa has made another partnership that will accelerate its impact on seniors aging in place across the country. Milliman Inc. — a global consulting and actuarial firm — and Papa are teaming up to provide hands-on help to Milliman’s HealthIO program members. HealthIO is a mobile platform that helps seniors with […]

Top Clinical Conditions Targeted by Medicare Advantage Plans Under SSBCI

The number of health plans offering some kind of innovative supplemental benefit skyrocketed in the past year, reflective of health care’s increasingly strong focus on the home and social determinants of health. That’s according to a new data brief from actuarial consulting firm Milliman, commissioned by the Better Medicare Alliance (BMA). “This analysis provides unique […]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Up 125% Among Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries

In-home care providers with a mission to serve particularly vulnerable populations often target “dual eligibles,” or individuals signed up for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The focus on dual-eligible populations is partly driven by mission and values, but it’s also supported by reimbursement. While in-home care providers sometimes struggle operating purely in the Medicaid long-term […]

12% of Medicare Advantage Plans Will Offer Expanded Supplemental Benefits in 2020

The Medicare Advantage boom for home care is almost here. Ever since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) first expanded the scope of Medicare Advantage (MA) supplemental benefits in April 2018, at-home care providers have been trying to figure out they fit into a potentially new reimbursement puzzle. At least initially, it appeared […]