Why Nationwide Wants to be on the ‘Forefront’ of In-Home Care

Last week, financial services and insurance company Nationwide announced that its venture capital team had leveraged its $100 million venture capital fund to invest in Vesta Healthcare. In the release announcing the investment, Nationwide asserted its desire to improve in-home care, saying it wanted “to make sure patients and in-home health care providers are getting […]

Retirement Length Expected to Reach 30 Years for Aging Americans?

The amount of time Americans spend in retirement is on the rise, and many aren’t aware of how it could affect their long term plans.  With life expectancy increasing and many seniors opting to enter retirement near age 62, seniors are spending more money and resources on health care as they are living longer with […]

Women Main Beneficiaries of Long-Term Care Insurance, and Counting

Women receiving home care accounted for 32% of new long-term insurance claims in 2011 and continue to be the majority beneficiaries of all long-term care insurance plans, according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). In addition to using long-term care more frequently than men, according to AARP’s Public Policy Institute (PPI), women […]