Wage Mandates for Home Care Workers Gain Steam Behind Societal Support, Advocacy

Home-based care workers are generally underpaid. That’s something almost everyone in the industry can agree on. Getting them more money, however, is another issue. Regardless, the labor situation is worsening. A survey published by the John A. Hartford Foundation Wednesday found that Americans strongly support raised wages for direct care workers. Specifically, 73% of survey […]

Home-Based Care Providers Fear They’re Being Squeezed Out of Medicaid

New York state’s 2020 final budget includes a Medicaid policy provision that has caused serious concern among home-based care providers and advocates. Those groups are now asking lawmakers to overturn the provision. Broadly, the original Medicaid policy issue was that the state authorized the New York Department of Health to essentially decide which home-based care […]

Home Care Agencies Turn to New Mentorship Pilot for Staffing Support

U.S. home care agencies got better at keeping their workers in 2019, slashing the industry-wide turnover rate by nearly 20%. With the tide turning in the hiring market, most organizations are hoping to further improve upon that mark in 2020. Backed by the New York State Association of Health Care Providers, an innovative group of […]

Home Care Must ‘Plan Ahead’ For Minimum Wage Hikes

Planning ahead will be crucial for home health and home care agencies as both California and New York recently approved minimum wage hikes that mean workers will soon earn $15 an hour, according to one Los-Angeles based private duty provider.  Other states could soon follow as the momentum behind the fight for a higher wage continues […]

Home Care Agencies, Workers Split Over NY Wage Hike

Lawmakers in New York are currently at odds over a minimum wage hike, prompting health care workers in the state to take to the capital to urge action on the proposed increase to $15 an hour. But industry groups fear the uptick could be detrimental to home care agencies if the state doesn’t properly fund […]