Philips Lifeline Launches New Home Health Solution

In early April, Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG) launched a new solution that expands access to its existing medical alert service, Lifeline. HomeSafe Wireless System enables seniors without a home phone line to still utilize Lifeline. More than a quarter of U.S. households do not have landlines, concurrent with increasing usage of cellular phones, according to Census […]

Boomers See Tech as Barrier to Aging in Place

Boomers and their Generation X children want to age within the comforts of home, however, many fear that current technology might not be up to the task. While both generations place high value on technology as they age, 95% believe today’s technology needs to be better developed to help them successfully age at home for […]

Branching into Home Care Tech: Senior Living’s Future?

Senior living providers who want to stay dominant in the conversation about caring for the aging population need to take advantage of technology platforms and products that aid aging in place rather than view them as unwelcome competition.  Adding in-home service line extensions using innovative technology is a way to build brand loyalty and expand […]