Analyzing The Wide Range Of Legal Issues Currently Affecting Home Care

Home care providers are navigating headwinds that include, but are not limited to, the 80/20 provision, the FTC ban on non-competes and increased workplace violence. Arguably, there are more legal considerations for leaders now than there were even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Home Health Care News recently caught up with home care insiders Angelo Spinola […]

‘This Final Rule Is A Double Whammy’: What Home-Based Care Providers Should Know About FTC’s Non-Compete Ban

On April 23, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted 3-2 to finalize a new rule largely prohibiting employers from enforcing non-competes against workers. While the regulatory timeline on the non-compete ban is fairly immediate, the rule will face intense legal pressure from a variety of groups, mainly of which will come from health care. Regardless […]

As Home Care Workers Unionize, Key Questions Come Into Play For Providers

Generally, employers aren’t thrilled at the idea of their workforces unionizing. In home-based care, that’s particularly the case. Provider leaders see home care union demands as unrealistic. The most basic example of that is wage increase pleas, which are often tough to meet given most providers’ reliance on government-funded payer sources. Private-pay home care is […]

Where The Erosion Of Non-Solicitation Agreements Keeps Providers Up At Night

The erosion of non-solicitation agreements poses a significant challenge for home care providers, potentially undercutting their business models and profitability. Non-solicitation agreements keep home care clients from poaching caregivers trained and supplied by agencies. In certain states with stricter rules against non-competes — like California and Connecticut — the lines between non-solicitation and non-compete agreements […]

Immigration Reform Could Lead To Unintended, Poor Consequences For Home-Based Care Providers

When talks of immigration reform come out of Washington D.C., home-based care providers take note. While Democrats push for increased funding for Ukraine and potentially Israel, Republicans have seemed to take the strategy of going after immigration concerns as a negotiating piece. That’s particularly important to providers who often rely on immigrants to hold caregiver […]