Immigration Reform Could Lead To Unintended, Poor Consequences For Home-Based Care Providers

When talks of immigration reform come out of Washington D.C., home-based care providers take note. While Democrats push for increased funding for Ukraine and potentially Israel, Republicans have seemed to take the strategy of going after immigration concerns as a negotiating piece. That’s particularly important to providers who often rely on immigrants to hold caregiver […]

California Officially Raises Minimum Wage For Home Health Care Workers

California’s home health workers are set to receive higher pay next year as a result of a minimum wage hike approved by the state legislature. In an effort to bolster workforce stability and tackle the health care personnel shortage in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom approved a bill this month that will raise the minimum wage […]

Understanding The Legal Lifecycle Of A Home-Based Care Deal

Home-based care leaders looking to become buyers need to educate themselves about the legal transaction lifecycle in order to avoid the common pitfalls. Broadly, the lifecycle of a M&A transaction can be divided into three phases — strategy and sourcing; due diligence and execution; and integration. The second phase, due diligence and execution, is typically […]

Proposed Minimum Wage Hike For Health Care Workers Could Hurt Home-Based Care Providers

New legislation that would establish the first minimum wage requirement for health care workers advanced in the California State Assembly earlier this month. Although the news will be greeted warmly by caregivers in the Golden State, experts in the home-based care space are worried the minimum wage increase will have adverse effects on providers. “It […]