The Evolution Of Caregiver-Client Matching In Home Care

There are many factors that go into offering quality and effective home care. Of those factors, caregiver and client matching may be one of the most important. It also can be one of the most overlooked aspects of the hiring process for home care providers. “As far as recruitment and retention, things that are critical […]

What Home Care Operators Can Expect from MA Plans in 2022

October is normally a pretty eventful time for home health and home care operators. This year will certainly be no different, particularly when it comes to emerging Medicare Advantage (MA) opportunities. As Medicare-certified home health agencies await the final payment rule that comes out at the end of October, home care companies will be closely […]

How Geriatric Care Management Businesses Can Accelerate Growth for Home Care Operators

Geriatric care managers. Care coordinators. Aging life care professionals. Care navigators. Whatever you want to call them, the experts trained and experienced at handling the care needs of aging adults are playing an increasingly important role in the home care industry. To some extent, that’s simply true because older Americans are turning to home care […]

Home Care Veteran Invests $1.26M in Independent Home Care Alliance

In July 2019, home-based care veteran Kunu Kaushal launched the Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA) to further unite independent home care agencies nationwide. The effort was somewhat stalled by last year’s pandemic troubles, but the organization is now remodeling with a newfound focus. Apart from his role as the founder of the IHCA, Kaushal is […]

Labor Policies Threaten Home Care Providers: ‘Agencies Are Truly Getting the Worst of Both Ends’

Home-based care providers are dealing with an ongoing pandemic and simultaneously tackling vaccine education, procurement and distribution. Now, a slew of legislative labor provisions are threatening to disrupt both home health and home care agencies across the country. After President Joe Biden was inaugurated, his administration released a fact sheet that said “workers have a […]

Marketing, Workforce Management Among Top COVID-19 Challenges for Independent Home Care Agencies

While the COVID-19 virus had a profound effect on home care providers across the U.S., it forced independent agency owners to navigate a unique set of challenges. As independent agency owners move forward, the lessons learned from the pandemic will likely shape their decision-making for the foreseeable future. One key takeaway from the public health […]