Home Health Consolidators Juggle Build-Versus-Buy Strategies in Increasingly Competitive Market

After multiple years of record-breaking M&A activity, home health consolidators are now starting to show an increased interest in organic growth. While the approach to growing a home health business through building existing infrastructure may take longer, the environment in 2022 is more friendly to organic growth than it was during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We […]

Where Home-Based Care Dealmaking Stands Among Other Subsectors

While the appetite for home health and home care dealmaking remains strong, other health care subsectors are catching up. Coming off a record-breaking 2021 for M&A activity, the home-based sector saw a slightly down Q1 in 2022. However, experts have told Home Health Care News that M&A players are taking their time with deals, and […]

The 4 Forces Shaping Home Health Care in 2022

Home health operators each year have to adapt on a number of different fronts, from relatively minor coding updates to major payment adjustments. But in addition to the more run-of-the-mill items, providers occasionally have to navigate macro-level forces that literally change the industry itself. At least four such forces will redefine home health care in […]

The Home-Based Care Companies That Could Go Public Next

In-home care tailwinds have only grown stronger during the COVID-19 crisis. That, in turn, is prompting the home health industry itself to change. Initially, much of that change has come in the form of more M&A action and investment, especially from private equity interests. Eventually, though, it will also likely manifest in more activity in […]

Home Health M&A Experts Seeing Fewer ‘Fire Sales’ Tied to PDGM, COVID-19

The historic wave of consolidation that home health M&A experts predicted ahead of the Patient-Driven Grouping Model (PDGM) hasn’t fully panned out, largely due to the COVID-19 emergency and the billions in federal relief dollars that have come with it. There was some degree of contraction within the industry, however. Going into 2020, there was […]

Home Health Buyers, Sellers Headed Toward Frenzied Finish to M&A in 2020

Charter Health Care Group — a PE-backed post-acute care platform company with multiple locations across five states — announced Tuesday the acquisitions of both Vitality Home Healthcare and Heartwood Home Health & Hospice. The news comes less than two weeks after Bridges Health Services similarly announced a series of transactions at the start of October. […]