Lessons Learned: Home-Based Care Is Key to Fighting Coronavirus, Italian Doctors Advise

As COVID-19 spreads from country to country, clinicians unfortunate enough to call themselves experienced with the virus are trying to advise their peers all across the globe. When Dr. Maurizio Cereda — a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s hospital — recently listened to the concerns of his counterparts in Italy, he came away with […]

Targeting ‘Super-Utilizers’ with In-Home Care May Not Curb Health Care Spending

One method using in-home care that inspired hope in reducing health care spending may not be effective after all. Tending more to “super-utilizers” did not reduce hospital readmissions, according to a new study from The New England Journal of Medicine. Super-utilizers are the 5% of the patient population that make up half of the nation’s […]

Home Health Care Creating Savings Under CJR Model

A staple mandatory bundled payment program geared toward hip and knee replacements has saved hundreds of dollars per episode over the past couple of years, recent research has found. The main reasons: a reduction in skilled nursing facility (SNF) reimbursements and an increase in the use of home health care. Medicare policymakers launched the Comprehensive […]