Medicaid Crisis Brewing Over Home Care Wage Rule

Several state Medicaid programs are unprepared to pay home health workers overtime, minimum wage or traveling expenses under new regulations—though some states, like Kansas, have been more vocal about the issue than others. A U.S. Department of Labor rule that extends overtime and minimum wage protections to about 2 million home health workers took effect Oct. 13. This […]

Feds Sue Home Care Provider Over Contract Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor has sued an Orlando-based home health care agency for allegedly misclassifying certain employees as “independent contractors” and paying them a flat hourly rate, regardless of the number of hours they worked, according to a suit filed in the Middle District of Florida.  Since at least March 13, 2012, Caring First, […]

Labor Department: Protections for Home Care Workers Go Into Effect Jan. 1, Enforcement Delayed

The U.S. Department of Labor announced Monday that it will uphold its Jan. 1, 2015 timeline for extending federal minimum wage and overtime protections to home care workers, despite calls for a delay in implementation, but it will temporarily delay its enforcement of the new rule. National workers’ advocacy, civil rights and women’s groups recently […]

WSJ: Home Health Care Booming, But Leaving Workers Behind

Home health care is among the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S., projected to create nearly a million new jobs in the next decade. But the growth isn’t without significant challenges, the Wall Street Journal reports. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the profession will grow by nearly 50% by 2022, the equivalent of close to […]

Obama OKs Wage Rule, Changes Landscape for Home Health Workers

Home care workers will now benefit from minimum wage and overtime protections following the announcement of a long-awaited rule—what some call a “victory” that has been two years in the making for the nation’s fastest-growing job force. Two years after President Obama pledged his “We Can’t Wait” program, the U.S. Department of Labor announced today […]

Caregiver Overtime Pay Threatens California Senior Home Care

Home care unions in California are lobbying for a new federal rule, one that has the potential of hurting the population they serve, reports a Los Angeles Times article. The rule would require overtime pay for in-home caregivers, who unions argue should not be paid less than other workers just because they are employed in […]