Hospice Reimbursement Caps Challenged in Supreme Court Petition

Forcing hospices to pay for Medicare patients’ care without being reimbursed is unconstitutional, according to one hospice agency in Arkansas. Southeast Arkansas Hospice Inc. (SEARK) claims it is a constitutional violation to mandate that hospices care for Medicare patients after the government has reached its annual Medicare reimbursement limit, saying in a petition to the U.S. […]

[Updated] Supreme Court Ruling Could Increase False Claims Cases

False claims cases against health care providers—home health included—could spike following a June 16 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding payment conditions in provider claims. The Supreme Court unanimously decided that the implied false certification theory can be a basis for False Claims Act (FCA) liability when a party submitting a claim makes specific […]

Supreme Court to Decide if Home Health Owner Can Tap Funds

A case heard by the Supreme Court on Tuesday may make it easier for individuals accused of Medicare fraud to hire a lawyer. The defendant in the case is a former home health agency owner who has been under house arrest. The case, Luis v. United States, in particular is seeking to determine whether the […]

Minnesota Home Care Workers Petition for Union Vote Despite SCOTUS Ruling

Home care workers in Minnesota are gearing up for what organizers say would be the largest union election vote in state history. Workers and organizers with the Service Employees International Union delivered state officials 9,000 union cards signed by workers calling for the election, TwinCities.com reports. These cards represent nearly 35% of potential voters, as […]