Walgreens Partnership Targets Delivery of Medication to Post-Hospital Patients

The nation’s largest drugstore chain and a national Catholic health system recently joined forces to create better access to medication for patients after they are discharged from the hospital.  Walgreens and Lourdes Health System, owned by CHE Trinity Health, say a new partnership will offer bedside mediation delivery, the Walgreens Transitions Program (WTP) and an […]

Tech, Health Care Alliance Aims to Bring Providers to Patients Via Web

Videoconferencing is bringing telehealth mainstream via a new partnership between HealthSpot and some of the nation’s leading health and technology providers via the Alliance for Connected Care.  In an effort to bring health care into communities and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals, the alliance, led by former Senators Tom Daschle, Trent Lott and John […]