Maine, Montana Top Places For Nurses to Work

Maine and Montana are the top two places to work as a nurse in the United States in 2018, new rankings have found. Hawaii and Washington D.C., in contrast, are the very worst places to work, according to personal finance website WalletHub. In the compilation of the 2018 rankings, states were evaluated on 21 key metrics, including […]

Florida Keeps Ranking As Top Retirement Destination

Florida topped out as the No. 1 state to retire in WalletHub’s annual ranking for 2018. The Sunshine State also held the No. 1 spot in 2017. The “2018’s Best & Worst States to Retire” report compared all 50 U.S. states across 41 indicators, spanning the cost of in-home care, life expectancy and cost of living, among other […]

With Low Home Care Costs, Florida Cities Top Best Places to Retire

Florida has once again been deemed one of the best places to retire, as several of its cities have topped 2017’s Best & Worst Places to Retire rankings by financial website WalletHub. However, it was more than sunny days and warm weather that put Florida’s cities at the top of the list. WalletHub measured 40 […]

These Are The Best States For Retirement

When it comes to deciding where to retire, retirees look at many different factors including affordability, quality of life and health care. The majority of people want to age in place, so the cost of homemaker services was another aspect that contributed to the overall rankings for each state, according to WalletHub’s Best & Worst […]

Best and Worst Cities to Retire

For Americans looking for the perfect place to retire, a number of considerations factor into what makes a city retirement-friendly. From affordability and health care options, to quality of life and activity levels, these metrics all help determine which are the best—and worst—cities to retire in the United States. As most Americans want to age […]

Best And Worst States for Affordable In-Home Care

For seniors choosing a location to spend their retirement years, a state’s annual cost of in-home services can make it more attractive—or the opposite. For this reason, personal finance website WalletHub took states’ annual cost of in-home services into consideration when compiling its list of 2016’s Best & Worst States to Retire. WalletHub’s analysts compared […]

Top Cities That Take ‘Care’ of Seniors

While the overwhelming majority of Americans plan to live in their homes throughout retirement, aging in place may be easier in some cities than others, a recent report of the most caring cities in the country reveals. Having access to health care is key for remaining healthy at home, but there are other types of […]

Best And Worst Cities for Affordable In-Home Care

Most Americans want to remain in their homes throughout retirement or if they have a disability, but the cost of home health care can varies widely between metropolitan areas of the United States. Higher costs can reduce the likelihood that seniors can age in place or that those who are disabled can remain in their […]

Minnesota Best, Mississippi Worst States for Health ROI

The nationwide average cost for single coverage has increased by 74% and family coverage by 80% since 2003, leading many Americans to forgo medication attention to save funds. As reforms in Medicaid and Medicare reforms sweep the nation, data show some states do better than others when it comes to health-related return on investments (ROIs). […]