Must-Read News: The Home Health Care News Summit

Happy Monday, Home Health Care News readers. Many thanks to all who attended HHCN’s first Summit last week. Check our coverage of the event here, and read what home health and home care CEOs are saying. Keep reading to see our top stories from last week. Around the Web Technology companies are targeting seniors, and […]

Yale: Hospice Patients Are Admitted Too Late

Half of patients admitted into hospice care are admitted only within the last two weeks of their life, according to a recent study from Yale University physicians. This timeframe undercuts the hospice benefit, which can extend for six months, and reveals some of the challenges related to seniors in the last stage of their life. […]

Yale Study: Home Health Accessibility Varies Greatly Nationwide

The availability of home health care increased nationwide between 2002 and 2015, though patients living in certain regions of the U.S. continue to enjoy greater access to home health agencies, according to a recent study from researchers at the Yale School of Public Health. For the study, researchers surveyed 15,184 Medicare-certified home health agencies included in the […]

Hospice Care Linked to Lower Health Care Spending

Parts of the United States with high medical service costs would do well to embrace more hospice care. In fact, incentivizing hospice care in these regions may lower total health care costs nationwide, according to a study recently published in Health Affairs. For the study, Shiyi Wang of the Yale University School of Public Health and […]