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Element5 is the world’s first fully managed, productized workflow automation solution for post-acute care. Leading home health agencies trust Element5 to help their staff save hundreds of hours on administrative work across Eligibility, Authorizations, Notifications, OASIS, RCD, and RCM. Delivered as a SaaS, pre-built workflows perform repetitive, rule-based tasks on behalf of your teams. Element5 connects your staff to automation, allowing them to work by exception. Built by experts with decades of post-acute experience, Element5 helps teams focus on higher-value initiatives while achieving reduced DSO, lower write-offs, and improved compliance. You can learn more at

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Relias is the mobile-first learning platform built for a busy, distributed home-based care workforce. With unmatched content built by our team of in-house industry experts you can successfully onboard, retain, and upskill your entire staff. The Relias platform includes all the tools you need to easily assess, track, and report on compliance and efficacy to help you provide the best possible care. Join us to learn about our latest mobile learning solutions for home-based care!

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AlayaCare is an end-to-end solution for home care and community care providers managing the full client lifecycle—needs assessments, care plans, scheduling, route optimization, billing, payments, and visit verification.
Our cloud-based software features:

  • Optimized scheduling
  • Clinical notes detection
  • Employee retention dashboards
  • Secure connection and movement of data

With a commitment to research and development, we are forever focused on identifying new operational efficiencies and insights.

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Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions empowering data-driven healthcare. Inovalon software solutions are designed to save time, resources, and administrative hassle by optimizing reimbursement, care quality, and staffing. Our software simplifies administrative and clinical complexities to improve the patient journey and enhance financial outcomes.


Reverence is a technology company improving scheduling operations for agencies and practitioners alike. Staffing shifts — especially call outs and last minute requests — is typically a manual, stressful, and inefficient process. Reverence’s scheduling AI, FlexForce, which automates the filling of challenging shifts and enables agencies to optimize across pools of practitioners (hourly, salaried, per-diem, contracted). FlexForce uses matching logic specifically customized to your business and care objectives — while continually improving as it learns your workforce. FlexForce delivers best-in-class scheduling automation without the need to replace existing tech systems, EMRs, or workflows. The impact is reduced unfilled shifts, improved retention, reduced overtime and/or contract workforce spend, and a significantly lighter burden on schedulers, thereby freeing up capacity for higher value-add activities.

Celo Health

Caregivers that use texting and consumer messaging apps to share confidential patient data are putting healthcare organizations at risk of HIPAA violations.

Celo offers an easy to use HIPAA-compliant messaging app designed to boost care team communication and improve care efficiency, ultimately creating a better care experience for both patients and caregivers.

Book a demo with a product expert to learn about Celo’s powerful healthcare features and how they will benefit your care team.

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Finally, a payroll and HR solution built for home care, home health, and hospice!

Viventium is a payroll and HR software company specializing in home-based and facility/community-based care, paying over 424,000 health services employees. With over 30 years of experience, Viventium makes it easier for clients to employ their greatest asset, their employees. Products include - Talent Acquisition - Payroll - Employee Self Service and Flexible Pay Options - Human Resources - Task Management - Business Intelligence - Time and Attendance - Benefits Administration and ACA - Learning Management.