The Home-Based Care Outlook for 2022

While a post-pandemic world still seems far away, the evolving home health and home care landscapes are ripe with means to drive growth in 2022. These opportunities are leading to a renewed sense of optimism in home-based care, and our 2022 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey and Report explore the different layers of that sentiment.

Our annual outlook survey polled Home Health Care News readers about the key trends, opportunities and challenges in the year ahead, and we are excited to share the results in our 2022 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey Report.

In this eBook you will learn how home-based care providers are: 

  • Navigating the evolution of home-based care
  • Investing in technology to improve efficiency and care delivery
  • Preparing for staffing and growth challenges in 2022
  • … and more!

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2022 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey and Report

2022 Home Health Care News Outlook Survey and Report