The Home Health Care News (HHCN) Future Leaders Awards (“the Awards”) program recognizes the next generation of leaders in the home care, home health, private duty and hospice industries. In a competitive environment for talent, companies are facing an unprecedented challenge to attract, retain and grow their leaders at all levels. As a means to highlight some of these exciting individuals, HHCN has created the awards program to shine a spotlight on their leadership and the companies they represent.

View this year’s Future Leaders Award Finalists

The awards program provides opportunities for companies and organizations to showcase their talent and provide an independently judged program to provide recognition for the contributions their key employees are making. These high performing employees are the ones shaping the future of the delivery of care. Individuals may enter themselves or a colleague for this awards program. If you or someone you work with is making a difference, learn more about nominating him or her for the Future Leaders Awards.

View this year’s Future Leaders Award Winners

Awards categories

Why Enter?

  • Showcase your organization as a supporter of innovation and industry leadership and stewardship.
  • Leverage the entry to highlight an individual’s performance across your organization.
  • Provide a means to recognize and reward an employee’s efforts with exposure to the industry and the world.
  • Winners and finalists will be recognized on HHCN.
  • Winners will be recognized at the HHCN Summit in September 2019.

Important Deadlines

  • May 15
    Nominations open
  • July 31
    Nominations close
  • September 3
    Finalists announced
  • September 18
    Winners announced


  • Rich Tinsley
    President & CEO
    Stoneridge Partners
  • X
  • Ashish Shah
    President & CEO
  • X
  • Will Boyd
    Program Director of Revenue Cycle Outsourcing
    BlackTree Healthcare Consulting
  • X
  • William J. Simione, III
    Managing Principal
    Simione Healthcare Consultants
  • X


Who is eligible for the Future Leaders award?We are seeking submissions from leaders with no less than 5 years of industry experience who are innovating and providing leadership within organizations who demonstrate a passion and commitment to the business.   I’m not an operator, agency, provider or health system. Can I still enter? Yes, we will accept vendor nominations for the awards program in the various categories outlined. If you have further questions on what category, please email us at awards@homehealthcarenews.com   I’m working for a large organization or a franchise. Will you accept more than one entry for our organization? Yes, we will accept a maximum of 10 nominations for individuals for any organization. Once the limit is achieved, any nominations received will be notified that the maximum number of submissions has already been reached for the annual program.   What qualities do you seek for those applying for the Emerging Leaders award? See the criteria here.   What kind of information should I submit? All the requirements for the submitted can be found in the submission requirements. All information provided may be published or used as part of the Awards program. Do not submit anything that should be withheld as private information or any information that you do not have permission to share publicly.   Are these awards for individuals working in the ‘for-profit’ sector only? No, we encourage those working in non-profit, for profit as well as public / governmental agencies as well.   Can a group of individuals be nominated together? No. We are looking to highlight individual contributions.   Can I enter if I’ve received other industry recognition and honors for work in my field? Yes entries will be made based upon submission criteria outlined for the HHCN Future Leaders program. The program is designed to spotlight individuals that may not have received industry recognition previously but these individuals may have received other awards or accolades.   Do I need to be a company founder or “entrepreneurial“ to apply? No, that is not required. We encourage everyone to participate that has demonstrable leadership experience that meets the overall criteria HERE to apply for the awards.   Can I be working at an organization outside the United States to be eligible? Yes, we accept awards submissions from those working at organizations that are outside of the United States.

How much does it cost to nominate someone for the award? The cost per entry / category is $400.   Who makes the final selection of the winners? An independent panel of judge reviews and scores the submissions based upon the judging criteria as defined for the competition.   Can I apply to be a judge of the awards program? Yes, contact us at awards@homehealthcarenews.com   Will I know what judges evaluated and voted for each nomination? The scoring process is anonymous.   Can I review the submissions and scores of the entire applicant pool? No, all submissions are confidential and scores, submissions data are not shared with those outside the scoring process. Home Health Care News reserves the sole right to determine the winners based upon the judges scoring and make the determination in the event of a tie.   If I win, what is expected of me? Winners will receive:

  • Recognition from HHCN and its relevant publications
  • Press release for your company and the employee

Winners will be willing to:

  • participate / attend one of the HHCN Events during the year
  • be interviewed with HHCN

  What are the Future Leaders Awards meant to showcase? The Future Leaders Awards nominees should meet the criteria outlined in the program, and each nominee should be a leader within your organization who has the potential to rise within your ranks and take on a greater role as an industry thought leader or influencer. The nominees should be those who have not previously received many, if any, industry accolades.   We are a startup/small business. Can we nominate someone from our C-suite? Yes, as long as the minimum of five years of industry experience is met.   The criteria shows a minimum of five years in the industry. Is there a maximum? No, there is not a maximum number of years in the industry. Executives who have been in the industry for a longer time can be nominated as long as they demonstrate the leadership qualifications and have shown a commitment to the industry.   We are a medium to large home health provider. Can we nominated any of our C-suite executives? We encourage you to submit individuals who are not in the C-suite, as those are typically proven leaders in medium to large organizations.   Where are the official rules? See the terms and conditions   Who do I contact with additional questions? awards@homehealthcarenews.com