Surviving Pre-Claim: Where We Are Today, What Tomorrow May Bring

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Surviving Pre-Claim

Pre-Claim Review (PCR) has cast a shadow across the home health landscape. 

CMS has given no indication that it will put an end to PCR. Agencies therefore need to stay well informed about the program's status, learn about best practices being developed to address it, and start putting in place the people and processes to survive when and if PCR becomes a reality in their markets. 

This white paper includes important information on: 

PCR Program Basics
CMS says it intends for the PCR process to help reduce improper documentation and fraud, and wants to see whether it can reduce expenditures without compromising care quality. 
The Pre-Claim Battle
A timeline of important advocacy efforts and achievements so far this year. 
3 Tips for Handling PCR 
Best practices that can help agencies adapt their operations and start executing PCR game plans. 




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