The Rise of Texting

Employers don't have to break the bank to get their employees texting through group messaging apps or other outlets. 

Secure Messaging in Home Health

Most agencies are already using some form of messaging communication to update their staff in the field and stay in touch on the move. 


Training and Usage 

With a simple and familiar interface, training takes little time and it is easy for staff members to adapt to the app and its features. 


Fast and Secure Communication is Key

With patient health information at the heart of any home health care worker's job, it's critical for communication to be both fast and secure.


Nothing seems easier than texting, but how do you ensure it's safe and compliant with HIPAA policies?


SMS has been a forbidden term in healthcare, so what other options exist? Fortunately, there are solutions out there that are affordable and easy to use.

Sponsored by Zinc, secure mobile messaging for deskless workers. 

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Transforming Home Care Operations with Secure Messaging

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