When the Patient-Driven Groupings Model takes effect on January 1, all certified home health agencies will be subject to the new reimbursement system.

With some agencies projecting an expected rise in reimbursement and other projecting a loss, clinical characteristics -- and coding them correctly -- will become more important than ever.

In response, some providers are turning their attention to operational shifts and are outsourcing their coding needs instead. This white paper will address how leveraging coding experts can help an organization not only survive but continue to grow under PDGM. 

Successful agencies will excel in three key coding areas: accuracy, speed and focus. 

In this white paper you will learn: 

  • The three coding areas where agencies need to excel under PDGM: accuracy, speed and focus. 
  • Outsourced coding vs. in-house coding considerations for agencies large and small
  • One agency’s story of how it thrives under an outsourced coding arrangement
  • … and more. 

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