Bill to Reverse DME Competitive Bidding Program Gains Support in Washington

A piece of legislation that would replace the current competitive bidding system for Medicare-based durable medical equipment claims is gaining support among Congress members, now touting nearly 100 co-sponsors. 

The bill, H.R. 1717, would replace competitive bidding with a market pricing program. The legislation, introduced by Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.). Price, how has 96 co-sponsors, with more reportedly “waiting in the wings.” 

The count rose by 31 supporters last week, in light of the American Association for Homecare’s annual legislative conference in Washington D.C., HME Business reported this week. 


In speaking during the event, AA Homecare President and CEO Tyler Wilson spoke of the legislation’s progress. 

“One of the basic rights guaranteed under the constitution is the right to petition government,” he told attendees, according to the DME Business report. “It is your right. It’s not something you have to be apologetic about. We know the correctness of our position.”

Further, Wilson urged that while the support is important, there is more work to be done in reversing the competitive bidding rule. 


“So go in there with the confidence of conviction that we are on the right side of the issue,” he added. “Time is short and we have a lot of legislators that need convincing.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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