Remote Care Management Program Leads To 50% Reduction In Hospital Readmission Rates For Cardiac Patients

Cardiac Solutions — a physician-owned care provider that specializes in cardiac health services — achieved a 50% reduction in hospital cardiovascular readmission rates. These rates are the result of Cardiac Solutions’ use of remote patient monitoring and chronic care management through a partnership with MD Revolution. Cardiac Solutions examined 26,689 patients. The organization saw a […]

GE HealthCare Partners With Biofourmis, Continues Entrance Into Home-Based Care

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC), which spun off of General Electric (NYSE: GE) last year, is making more investments in at-home care. On Monday, the company announced a partnership with Biofourmis, a home-based care enabler. The partnership aims to enhance care continuity in the post-acute setting with a focus on lowering the cost of care. GE […]

No Empty Promises: How Home-Based Care Providers Actually Plan To Use AI

Artificial intelligence is likely to be a society- and business-altering technological development. But, just like the advent of the internet before it, AI’s emergence will undoubtedly lead to as many empty promises from business leaders as it does actual use cases. That’ll particularly be the case in the early innings of AI, which I believe […]

Visiting Nurse Health System CEO: ‘Tech Means Nothing’ If Consumers, Caregivers Don’t Understand It

AI and other future-facing technologies will hopefully help move home health care forward in the coming years. But that’s not a reason for providers to rest on their laurels. Visiting Nurse Health System CEO Dorothy Davis, for instance, believes there’s a lot else that has to evolve outside of technology. “We hear so much about […]

Home Health Industry’s Technology Partners Continue Racing Toward AI

Artificial intelligence is likely to be a hot topic in home-based care over the next few years. With that in mind, most companies in the space are already adjusting. Post-acute technology company WellSky, for instance, has partnered with Google Cloud to leverage its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Vertex AI. The partnership also includes Google Cloud’s […]

Elara Caring CEO Scott Powers: MA Plans Coming To Negotiating Table With More ‘Reasonable Expectations’

When there are as many problems to hurdle in a space such as home health care, leaders have to prioritize. Interestingly enough, not many companies have the same top priorities, however. The priorities are a good reflection of what home health leaders believe will lead to solutions. Their priorities are generally not what you would […]

Bayada, FirstLight, Aveanna Leaders Divulge Their Best Tech Investment Tips

For home-based care providers, investing in technology is complicated, cumbersome and necessary. One of the most difficult issues for leaders is sifting through all of the solutions out there and choosing the ones that fit their businesses. That’s why, before considering what technology to invest in, providers should map out their overarching strategies. “First, let’s […]

LTM Group Reduces Hospitalizations By 32%, Gets Clinicians ‘Engaged’ In Value-Based Care

In today’s home health landscape, value-based purchasing is part of the race to the top. Agencies know that in order to achieve certain financial success, the outcomes have to be there. “Providers know that everybody’s getting better,” LTM Group CEO David Kerns told Home Health Care News. “That’s the whole idea of the program. If […]

Sharecare’s New CEO Touts CareLinx, At-Home Care Capabilities

Sharecare CEO Brent Layton took on his role at the company less than two weeks ago. He’s already touting the company’s post-acute care capabilities. “The assets that are at Sharecare today, like CareLinx, give us the ability to truly impact the post-acute care space,” Layton said at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Wednesday. “To work […]

Top Home Care Trends For 2024

The rising costs of home care were a trend in 2022 and 2023. They will remain one in 2024, and could finally come to a head. That’s only one trend, of many, that will impact home care providers in the new year. But it alone will also lead to other trends, such as increased M&A, […]